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The Valet System One keeps you in touch with the rest of your family wherever they are in your home.


Intercom unit
You can use the system to listen to music in any room, or listen to your favourite CD. Let others know when dinner is ready, care for someone who's sick, answer the door to check a visitor's identity, or even open it !
Monitor children sleeping
Most importantly, Valet delivers sophisticated security and monitoring features for total privacy and safety as well as the ability to keep a watchful eye on young children.
Imagine turning on the air-conditioning, the garden lights, or anything else, from any room station throughout your home.

You can control all the major functions of the Valet System One from any station throughout the house. The central master station has the addition of an in-built programmable radio and clock.

There's a privacy function which you can set at any station if you don't want to be interrupted, or you can keep the line open full-time so you can monitor the children as they play or sleep.
Wall Unit

Wall Unit
Close-up Unit
The Valet System One is logical, user-friendly and intuitive - it works the way you think. For example, if a call comes through to you, you can answer it hands-free from anywhere in the room. No need to push any buttons. Great if you're changing the oil in the garage or cooking tonight's dinner. After a call has been made, the system resets itself so it's ready to use the next time.
Valet Video Intercom System
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